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"rock em if you got em!"

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DaveThe Dave Blair Blues Band is really excited to be hitting the streets with the new line up. Dave Blair, known as simply "db" to most, is the ripping off leads and rhythms like a mad man. Steve Hall, is fronting the band and taking most of the lead vocals. Geoff Dewit is slapping those skins like there's no tomorrow, and Jim Hurtz is thumping da bass and taking names. Hunter Mullins is our horn guy (horny dude) writing all the horn parts that bring influences from soul, blues, and rock all together.

Dave has been rockin' the blues since the 1980s, from Memphis TN. to Tilburg Netherlands, and all points in between. See the Bio page to learn more about The Dave Blair Blues Band.

The db credo: Rock em if you got em!

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